Semi Plug-in System for a Supermarket in Spain

Refrigeration system renovation in Campello, Alicante, ES

In a supermarket situated in El Campello, Alicante in Spain, AHT Iberia encountered the challenge of overhauling an outdated and inefficient refrigeration system. The client expressed concern regarding the exorbitant costs and frequent breakdowns associated with their legacy refrigeration systems. Additionally, they aimed to align with European regulations concerning fluorinated gases (F-gases), opting for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious solution by using a natural refrigerant.

To address the challenges presented by the client, AHT Iberia proposed the modern and energy efficient SPI System. In total 8 units of VENTO GM SPI 375, 3 units of VENTO GM SPI 250, and 2 Dry Coolers AWE BSSK 80 kW were installed. This system is fully compliant with the F-Gas regulations and ensure enhanced performance and a notable reduction in maintenance and energy expenses.

_Year of installation


_Installed System

_SPI System
_ Coolers AWE BSSK 80kW

_Project requirements

Replace a conventional refrigeration system using fluorinated gases with a system that is sustainable, environmentally friendly, multi-circuit, energy efficient, and high-quality.

Installation process: agility and minimal disruptions



The modernization of the refrigeration system not only enabled the client to comply with F-gas regulations but also yielded several additional benefits. The supermarket experienced significant energy savings owing to the efficiency of the new equipment. Furthermore, there was a substantial improvement in the store’s image and product display, thereby contributing to the attraction and retention of customers.

Rigorous laboratory tests substantiated that the SPI System, offers an energy efficiency of up to 20% compared to conventional refrigeration systems (remote) employing fluorinated gases.


The project was completed within a mere 4 days, with the store being closed for only 1 and a half days, thereby minimizing disruptions to the customer shopping experience. Effective coordination between the technical team and the store personnel ensured a seamless transition during the installation process.

The installation procedure was executed by AHTs highly skilled technical team and supervised by a specialized engineer. Prior to installation, meticulous checks were conducted on all pipes and wiring to ensure optimal operation and impeccable aesthetics. At AHT, we pay attention to every detail, both technical and aesthetic, to ensure that the customer benefits from the most compelling and attractive shopping experience possible.

The renovation of the refrigeration system in the Campello supermarket represents a noteworthy step towards modernization and sustainability.

By opting for an energy efficient and environmentally friendly solution, the client now ensured compliance with European regulations, bolstered energy efficiency, and enhanced the image of their establishment.

This project exemplifies innovation aimed at modern facilities utilizing “green” refrigerants, which ensure energy savings and uphold environmental stewardship.