REWE Gödecke

REWE Gödecke transitions to natural refrigerants

In Germany, AHT successfully implemented a groundbreaking project in collaboration with REWE Gödecke. The installation included the implementation of the innovative SPI (Semi Plug-in) System and a CO2 counter system. Additionally, six cold rooms were equipped with modern, plug-in propane devices. Prior to this conversion, the supermarket operated a conventional refrigeration and freezing system using the refrigerant R404. The decision to transition to natural refrigerants, specifically R290 and CO2, clearly emphasizes REWE’s commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

In total, over 40 meters of vertical refrigeration and freezer units, along with an impressive 12-meter-long counter system, were installed. Additionally, six cold rooms were completely reequipped. The integration of all devices with AHT’s state- of-the-art Active Monitoring System provides REWE with comprehensive control over the performance and functionality of these devices. Thanks to this intelligent solution, the store is capable of monitoring all aspects of device performance, including continuous performance checks that assist in identifying and promptly addressing potential issues.

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Implementation of a SPI and CO2 system, along with additional plug-in cold room units.

„We opted for AHT's solution due to its low system complexity and the significant cost savings, particularly in ongoing operations.“


Impressive project

The decision to choose AHT as a partner was based on the outstanding advantages of this solution. Particularly convincing for REWE were the low system complexity, significant cost savings in both the overall investment and ongoing operations. The quick installation of the systems is also noteworthy. The innovative SPI Hybrid System allows for the implementation of two separate circuits. The first circuit is based on a water/glycol mixture and is specifically designed for the refrigeration and freezer shelves.


Statement in favour of sustainable management

The second circuit utilizes the natural refrigerant CO2 and covers the entire counter system. The six cold rooms were equipped with plug-in R290 cold room units from Zanotti, known for their efficiency and exceptional reliability. This innovative technology ensures that the cold rooms consistently maintain optimal temperatures for the stored products.

With this groundbreaking project, REWE Gödecke has not only enhanced its operational efficiency but has also made a clear statement in support of sustainable business practices and environmental protection. AHT is pleased to have contributed to this forward-thinking initiative and remains committed to being a reliable partner for innovative and sustainable solutions in the field of refrigeration technology in the future.