Low profile plug-in refrigeration unit


Meet the newest member of the VENTO family. The VENTO SEMI-VERTICAL sales-promoting refrigeration island can be placed flexibly in your store’s highest-potential locations. Its elegant shelf units provide optimal merchandise visibility and increased customer contact at eye level while presenting your product range perfectly for a host of different product groups.

The highlights of the VENTO SEMI-VERTICAL Series

Everything you need to know about AHT VENTO SEMI-VERTICAL

Plug & Chill

The “Plug & Chill” concept offers intelligent plug connections for all rows of shelves in order to guarantee problem-free and quick use. The proven “Plug & Chill” technology reduces setup and installation times to an absolute minimum!

Move it

With “Move it”, on the other hand, you can easily expand, reduce or move the individual shelf modules at any time. This is ideal for repositioning, redesigning and relocating the entire system when changing location.

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Everything you need to know about VENTO Semivertical
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+30°F to +45°F

+30°F to +36°F

Country and operator-specific deviations are possible.
Valid for climate class 3.

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