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Individual branding
VENTO refrigerated cabinets can be individually adapted to the store design. A wide range of colours allows the best possible integration.

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Everything you need to know about AHT VENTO Air

Visual Merchandising

VENTO AIR are a completely flexible and connectable family of refrigerated shelves designed for high product loads. With a wide range of glass door designs, VENTO AIR is ideally suited for optimum product presentation.

Flexible system

The industrially manufactured refrigeration circuits of the VENTO AIR offer the lowest risk of leakage.

Environment and climate

VENTO AIR operate with a hermetically sealed cooling system and use the ecologically harmless and natural refrigerant propane (R290). This makes them particularly environmentally friendly

VENTO Air Highlights


Low costs
The low investment outlay and operating costs speak for themselves. In addition, the VENTO AIR scores with minimum maintenance costs. The integrated and energy-efficient LED head lighting and optional shelf lighting ensure optimum presentation of your goods.
Compatible with the active monitoring system
Through our Active Monitoring System (AMS), we detect problems before you notice them. The AMS is a crucial add-on to all AHT products, making it much easier for you to manage and monitor your stores with regard to AHT refrigeration units. Our units are also compatible with other systems.
Energy efficiency benchmark
With the Vento ECO AIR GD, AHT has the most energy-efficient multi-deck refrigeration unit on the market. The single refrigerant circuit, hinged glass doors and optimised seals allow enormous energy savings to be achieved.
Flexible placement & installation
The VENTO AIR can be easily connected to an existing Multideck system. Thanks to very easy installation, several shelves can also be added to an existing shelf system in next to no time. No expensive machine room is needed, because all the necessary components are already installed in the Multideck.

Data, information and support

Everything you need to know about AHT VENTO Air
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H1 – Chilled vegetables & fruit
+34 °F to +50 °F

M2 – Dairy products
+30 °F to +45 °F

M1 – Dairy products, colder
+30 °F to +41 °F

M0 – Dairy products, special temp. (1)
+30 °F to +39 °F

S1 – Meat & fish (1)
+30 °F to +36 °F

(1) with GD models only


_ optionally with end cabinet on both sides
_Specific installation, per type on request

(island for H8 units excluded)

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The energy efficiency class information can be found in the European product database for energy labelling EPREL. For more information, please contact

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Additional information

Discover all the individual possibilities for AHT products.

Compatible with AMS

Our Active Monitoring System (AMS) allows us to detect problems before you notice them. As an essential add-on to all AHT products, the AMS makes it much easier for you to manage and monitor the AHT cooling systems in your stores.

Individual branding

AHT cooling units are constructed individually: Using our template, you create the design, then we apply it directly during production.


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