The classic in ice cream sales

AHT Sao Paulo

For decades, AHT has been developing appliances such as SAO PAULO, which enable ice cream producers to present ice cream in smaller outlets and restaurants with low investment costs.

SAO PAULO equipped with baskets and glass showcase is the perfect solution to increase your sales. Easy to use and equipped with a special thermostat to guarantee the perfect temperature for selling ice cream scoops. Permanent consumer research and the in-house development department make efficient, top-performance possible.

The highlights of the Sao Paulo Series

Everything you need to know about AHT Sao Paulo

Visual merchandising

With this classic in ice cream sales, which has been used a thousand times over, AHT was able to land a worldwide best seller. SAO PAOLO offers space for up to 30 types of ice cream and can thus increase your sales. Low costs ensure an immediate return on investment.

Low operating costs

Like all AHT ice cream chests, SAO PAOLO is extremely efficient during operation. In particular, technological innovations such as ECO versions with energy savings of up to 40% compared to conventional ice cream chests have a positive effect here. The chest’s solid workmanship and the one-piece AHT plastic frame, which avoids breakage, ensure a long service life.

Freedom of design and flexibility

Like all other AHT ice cream chests, the SAO PAOLO is designed for climate class 7 (an outside temperature of 35% and 75% humidity). AHT also offers a wide variety of accessories.

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Everything you need to know about AHT Sao Paulo
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+7 °F to -9 °F

Ice cream
+43 °F to -9 °F

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