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AHT Boston

With its illuminated glass dome, BOSTON attracts a lot of customer attention and ensures convenient, easy operation.
As a ready-to-plug-in sales and storage device, BOSTON can be positioned flexibly and quickly.

The highlights of the Boston Series

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Optimal goods inspection

The curved glass cover offers a perfect view of goods from all sides and makes BOSTON very attractive for sales. It is also easy and flexible to use. With different types of ice cream in 22 5-litre containers and other 22 5-litre containers underneath, BOSTON offers you the ideal device for selling your ice cream scoops. All this at low investment costs compared to traditional ice cream display cases.

Go green

Thanks to the natural refrigerant propane, BOSTON is environmentally friendly and 100% ecological; it is also completely CFC and PFC-free.

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-9,4 °F to -0,4 °F



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The energy efficiency class information can be found in the European product database for energy labelling EPREL. For more information, please contact

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